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Make your next event extra special by presenting a show or live performance
custom tailored to you and your guests’ musical tastes.
Bob puts together
a custom concert using top performers to suit your musical tastes.

Did you know we create custom shows?

Bob musical directs and accompanies on piano or keyboard - a group of talented singers — bringing Broadway-style entertainment to your living room, to your club or to your special event location. Great for birthdays, anniversaries,
fund-raising events or ANY occasion, this “in concert” show is customized specifically for you and can feature Bob with one to eight singers. Designed around your musical tastes – ranging from current pop hits, to Broadway, from the great American songbook to the sounds of your generation.

Even if you don’t have a piano at your event, we can provide
a keyboard, sound and lighting systems to turn your
location into the perfect venue for a custom show.

We’ll create a Live Variety Show for your next
event - whatever the size

A live variety show based on your musical tastes – current pop hits, Broadway, jazz, great American songbook (Cole Porter, The Gershwins, Irvin Berlin, Songs performed by Sinatra and Ella) We’ve also done ‘theme shows’ such as; “The Music of the Beatles”, “Billy, Barry, & Elton!”, Songs inspired about New York, The 50s, The 60s, The 70s, “All Broadway”, and more! But all the shows have one major thing in common — Music that makes it memorable!

Performers in
"The Lullaby of Broadway Revue"
include Kate Varley, Susan Whitenack
 and Michael Traupman.

"This hugely successful fundraiser was due in great part to master Cabaret host Bob Egan and his outstanding performers."

Linda WacksJeffrey F. Wacks
Music Therapy Program


What is a “Cabaret Show"?

A Cabaret performance is usually one-hour long. Shows offer a wide variety of musical styles, genres, which vary with each performer. An evening of cabaret may include anything from Broadway, The Great American Songbook (Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin), pop, blues, jazz, folk, musical comedy, to even opera or classical music.


To make cabaret performances convenient for patrons, venues are often full-service restaurants that offer food both prior to and after the show (similar to a “dinner theatre” or “supper club”). Guests may also enjoy cocktails, coffee and desserts during the show.

What is a Singer Showcase Night?

In December of 2003 at Odette’s, Bob launched his “The Big Monday Showcase,” an exciting evening featuring seven to nine performers every week, each performing two songs. Since then, Bob has adapted the format to fit various venues. Bob
has produced showcase nights at Tim McLoone’s Supper Club in Asbury Park, NJ
(for Central Jersey and the Jersey Shore) and at the Rrazz Room in New Hope Pa.


The shows allow for a wide range of music and musical styles. Occasionally, the show includes other types of performances including singer/songwriters on guitar or piano as well as specialty acts. Some performers are professionals who are promoting their upcoming performances or trying out new material. Other participants are performers that may be new to the Cabaret and appearing on that stage for the first time — working their way up to their own solo show.



If you are a performer and would like to join us
please check out our I'm a Performer page.

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